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Sortable tableDisorder name Mutation type Chromosome1p36 deletion syndrome D 1p3618p deletion syndrome D 18p21-hydroxylase deficiency 6p21.345,Xsee Turner syndrome C X47,XX,+21see Down syndrome C 214 ...
category:    2014-3-14 21:20
More common disorders
Disorder Mutation Chromosome22q11.2 deletion syndrome D 22qAngelman syndrome DCP 15Canavan disease 17pCharcot–Marie–Tooth disease Color blindness P XCri du chat D 5Cystic fibrosis P 7qDown syndrom ...
category:    2014-3-14 21:19
List of genetic disorders
The following is a list of genetic disorders and if known, causal type of mutation and the chromosome involved. The list of human genes includes genes not listed here, which also affect predisposition ...
category:    2014-3-14 21:18
List of infectious diseases
Infectious diseases arranged by name.There are 215 entries in this list, though some entries such as 'Common cold' include a number of distinct pathogens.DISEASE SOURCE OF DISEASEAcinetobacter infecti ...
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Case No. S147999 in the Supreme Court of the State of California, In re Marriage Cases Judicial Council Coordination Proceeding No. 4365, Application for leave to file brief amici curiae in support of ...
category:    2014-3-14 21:15
List of mental disorders as defined by the DSM and ICD
Acute stress disorder Adjustment disorder Amnesia Anxiety disorder Anorexia nervosa Antisocial personality disorder Asperger syndrome Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder Autism Autophagia Avoidan ...
category:    2014-3-14 21:14
List of mental disorders
The following is a list of mental disorders as defined by the DSM and ICD.The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is the American Psychiatric Association's standard reference f ...
category:    2014-3-14 21:13
List of notifiable diseases
BacteriaAustralia Hong Kong India Malaysia United Kingdom United StatesAnaplasmosisAnthrax Anthrax AnthraxBotulism Botulism Botulism BotulismBrucellosis Brucellosis BrucellosisCampylobacteriosi ...
category:    2014-3-14 21:12
List of neurological conditions and disorders
AALSAgraphiaAlzheimer's diseaseAmyotrophic lateral sclerosisAphasiaApraxiaArachnoiditisAtaxia TelangiectasiaAttention deficit hyperactivity disorderAuditory processing disorderAutismAlcoholismasperger ...
category:    2014-3-14 21:10
Additional codes
V62.3 Academic problemV62.4 Acculturation problem995.2 Adverse effects of medication NOS780.9 Age-related cognitive declineAntisocial behavior V71.01 Adult antisocial behaviorV71.02 Child or adolescen ...
category:    2014-3-11 00:06
Personality disorders (Axis II
Cluster A (odd or eccentric)301.0 Paranoid personality disorder301.20 Schizoid personality disorder301.22 Schizotypal personality disorderCluster B (dramatic, emotional, or erratic)301.7 Antisocial pe ...
category:    2014-3-11 00:03
Adjustment disorders
Adjustment disorders 309.9 Unspecified309.24 With anxiety309.0 With depressed mood309.3 With disturbance of conduct309.28 With mixed anxiety and depressed mood309.4 With mixed disturbance of emotions ...
category:    2014-3-11 00:02
Impulse-Control Disorders Not Elsewhere Classified
312.34 Intermittent Explosive Disorder312.32 Kleptomania312.31 Pathological Gambling312.33 Pyromania312.39 Trichotillomania312.30 Impulse-Control Disorder NOS
category:    2014-3-11 00:01
Sleep disorders
Primary sleep disorders307.44 Primary hypersomnia307.42 Primary insomnia347 Narcolepsy780.59 Breathing-related sleep disorder307.45 Circadian rhythm sleep disorder307.47 Dyssomnia NOS327.03 Insomnia R ...
category:    2014-3-11 00:00
Eating disorders
307.1 Anorexia nervosa307.51 Bulimia nervosa307.50 Eating disorder not otherwise specified (EDNOS)
category:    2014-3-11 00:00

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